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What a Homemade Dressing Can do For a Salad!

“All of our dressings are made from scratch. We knew from the beginning that there was nothing better than a homemade dressing."

We grew up on "Good Season's salad dressing mix as kids. You bought the bottle and the seasoning mix, and you added your own vinegar and oil and a splash of water. Our mom also made homemade thousand island dressing and delicious and authentic caesars. We never had pre-packaged bottled dressings. So making a homemade salad dressing was our norm. To this day, we are true dressing snobs. Not to say that there is not a good bottled dressing out there, but when it comes down to it — Making a dressing with fresh ingredients is always gonna be better!

Which is why, when we created the menu for PONKO, we knew we had to offer a variety of really amazing salad dressings. Our Sweet Sesame brings the asian flavor profiles of our Japanese heritage, and is our signature dressing. Then there's our yummy Buttermilk Ranch. Can't get more 'west' than this — It is a fan favorite. In fact, our fans started using it by drizzling on top of their PONKO Chicken and Rice and helped us create our famous BASIC box. Pure Eats Meets West! Remember, you can always order a side of our Buttermilk Ranch to drizzle all over everything!

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