"We Used to Play Restaurant When we Were Little Girls."

Long, long ago, in the backyard of the Crenshaw house, Reiko and I would play restaurant with our siblings and neighborhood friends.

Bologna or salami and cheese, peanut butter and jelly were on the menu and there was definitely the big seller, a wiener on the end of a bamboo chopstick!! Had we known better, we should’ve dunked that wiener in some corn bread batter and fried that thing. Maybe we would be the corn dog queens instead of the Ponko princesses.

Above: Illustration of the Crenshaw house in Los Angeles. Drawn with love by our brother from another mother, Lonnie Voss!

We were a fusion dining experience even back then, because I have vivid memories of teaching our besties, Pam and Angie how to toast sheets of Nori (seaweed) over a make-shift FIRE and dip it in SHOYU (soy sauce). It was a tasty treat and more importantly, we didn’t burn the house down. And of course, we sold Kool-aid. Made with pure cane sugar. No high fructose corn syrup in those days. We assure the same level of high quality ingredient use in our restaurant as well.

Maggie (pictured left) and Reiko (pictured right)

I don’t think we made much money, because although the food was real, the currency was monopoly money, a bottle cap or two and maybe even a metal washer with an occasional quarter when an adult came to patronize the business.