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Mochi Ice Cream —The Perfect Punctuation to Your PONKO Experience!

It's oddly chewy, addictively creamy, and adorably ... round? We're talking about mochi ice cream, of course! The newest sweet offering from PONKO.

This LA-concocted dessert is the brilliant brain child of the late Frances Hashimoto - a second generation Japanese-American activist and CEO of Mikawaya - the original purveyors of mochi ice cream.

East truly meets West with this fun-to-eat frozen treat, which combines the all-American favorite, ice cream, with a traditional Japanese rice wrapper.The unconventional pairing is what chewy, creamy, cold dreams are made of!

Whether you prefer classic flavors like chocolate and strawberry or you're bold enough to try the green tea and red bean, we know Mochi ice cream will be the perfect punctuation to your PONKO experience.

PONKO is proud to serve Mikawya Mochi Ice Cream and to join the legacies of some bad a** Japanese chicks from L.A.


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