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Why We Pronounce it PONKO!

We find that people always ask why PONKO? Well, here is the story behind the name. PONKO Chicken was originally called "Panko" chicken. It was an easy way to name it since Japanese "panko" breadcrumb was used to coat our yummy tenders.

We do love our logo and our name. And we especially adore our icon that we affectionately call "PONKO"!

We eventually decided to re-name ourselves by way of our featured product. But whenever we spelled the name P-A-N-K-O, people would always mispronounce it. Phonetically, they would say, pan-Koh vs. pawn-Koh, as it is pronounced in Japanese. So, we decided to change the spelling so we would all pronounce the word as it sounds in Japanese! And so PONKO was born and is here to stay!

T-shirts and hats will be available for purchase soon. You will be able to buy them online and in our store!


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