We Call it the "Betty", my Proud Japanese-American Grandmother's American Name.

It is an amazing delicious cookie, handed down from my grandma, Emiko. I want to call it the "Betty", the American name, my Japanese American grandmother adopted. - MIA, Grand Daughter & Marketing Manager

No family get together would be complete without the making, baking and eating of my grandmother’, Emiko's cookies. As kids, we would spend hours before parties in the kitchen with our Grandma, measuring out the ingredients, carefully mixing them together and sneaking spoons of cookie dough before they went into the oven.

I can still see the steady hands of my grandma as she formed each cookie with love. I can still smell the fragrance of these delicious oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies as they baked and filled the house with a sweet scent, that still comforts me today.

As the creator of our family's favorite cookie and so many of my wonderful childhood memories, I want to honor my grandma by naming the cookie after her. Growing up on a farm in central California, my Japanese-American grandma adopted the American name, Betty. A Japanese-American woman nicknamed Betty, now that's where Eats meets West. My grandma used to call these Ranger Cookies, but now we will call them the "Betty", to honor the love she showered on her family through her brilliant cooking and baking. We hope that our love for this cookie and it's rich history, can be tasted in each bite.

My beautiful grandmother, Emiko "Betty" Uyehara