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Get ready...


Your craving for PONKO can now be satisfied behind the next corner!  Introducing our brand-new PONKO Chicken FOOD TRUCK!!!


Not only will the PONKO Chicken Food Truck be located at food truck events and festivals around town (check out the schedule here), but you can also book it for your next party, wedding, school event, fundraiser and more! 


Let us bring the incredibly delicious PONKO Chicken experience directly to you and your guests.  Imagine your guests’ surprise and delight when they experience their first, crispy, flavor-packed bite of PONKO goodness???  We have customized menus for all events, so you can Pick Your PONKO!!!


For more information and to book the PONKO Food Truck, please call 470.496.5266.


You can also click the button below to submit your request!

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